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Check our About Us Page
Here you will find the vision and what we are striving to be as SWG Intended.
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Looking for a more grounded SWG Experience with a player run economy? Register now and download the launcher.

Kill Board is now live!
Check out the new kill board! Clicking on the dates will show who contributed to the kill and clicking on the name will show you Character stats.

Welcome to the even newer SWG Intended Website
We are trying to bring back the nostalgia of Star Wars Galaxies and what better way then some 2004 feels.

SWG Intended TC Launched
Check out our new Test Center. We have connection info and what needs tested before the next update. Please report all bugs in discord.

Check out our latest Patch!
We are updating the galaxy almost every week!

Server Status
Please refer to the Server Status page for the latest on scheduled downtimes and special maintenance.

Welcome to the New SWG Intended Website
The highly anticipated SWG Intended server launched on September 26th 2020. Most of our communication is done through Discord so join up!